Hate mail: I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

This blog gets a lot of hate mail, as you can imagine.  Surprisingly most of it is local and very clerical.  Lets work through some of the issues people have.

First off, if you send an email which has the name of a priest or public figure in the address or in the message we’ll just delete it, whether you agree or disagree with the blog.  These are almost all fake.  Use an anonymous email if you wish but if you use fake names we’ll delete them.  We aren’t interested in your petty internecine clerical squabbles.  It’s hard to believe but this is a blog by and for laymen.

Secondly, at least one anonymous fake name has hurt feelings over John DeLaporte being called out.  Diocesan leaders were part of a clandestine meeting AND Diocesan leaders are shocked at an anonymous blog revealing it!   John gave a public interview, he is a public figure, and he rolled into town from Chicago and threw down on all the Catholic School parents in the Jefferson City Diocese.  John, if you have a problem with publicity then don’t give public interviews about your plans for revolution in the Church and quit sneaking around making plans for other people’s children without including them.  By the way, you and the rest of the Chancery staff now and past have had a near monopoly on Catholic media inside the Diocese since 1956.  You have a Facebook page, a full website, and a bi-weekly newspaper with a staff to produce it.  All paid for by donors.  If your ideas are good and if you are misunderstood then use your words and spread the message.  Let’s have that conversation you all were so keen on in the priest’s meeting.  You really meant that right?  As happens in any monopoly, without any competition, the owners become used to controlling the market and lose the ability to respond to the customer’s need.  The customer’s need in this case is people’s hunger for the truth.  This is 2017 and that party’s over.  By the way, you could post our own blog defending your policy, for free, if you wish. We encourage you to get your thoughts out on a blog since your magazine, facebook page, and website aren’t doing the job.  Defend your process we paid you to write.

On the issue of the editors of the blog, it seems hard for our leaders to imagine that anyone other than a priest or rogue priest or some clerical clique could have any opinion on this issue or formulate a thought.  We have this thing out here in flyover country called the internet where not just one but two, three, or even more people can collaborate on a project without being in the same building.  We kid you not.  There are around 79,000 Catholics in this diocese, they all make up the Church.  There are many very talented people!  They just usually don’t have a voice.  Or they didn’t.  Maybe the parents of the children had something to say to you all along.  You weren’t listening were you?




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