Snippets from the mailbag: “Not sure what all the fuss (About Child Abuse) is about here”

One time, in 2002, a huge scandal erupted in the Catholic Church when it came to light that Priests and Bishops had been abusing children and teenage boys.  It centered in many ways on the Jefferson City Diocese and it’s high school seminary in Hannibal, MO.  Google Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell.  If you were Catholic in this diocese before 2002 you may remember the pews being full in your Church, or fuller than they are now.  You can ask your priest about the “October count” for the parish, the head count they do in October when all the faithful return to mass after summer vacation.  Every parish is different but the numbers are probably down 40-50%.  No one is accusing the hierarchy here of abusing children right now but this blog is here to tell the truth about more adults in the institutional Church playing games with human sexuality or failing to be clear about it.  One has to admit, it’s been a weak area for the leaders of the Church.  Does this sound harsh to you?  This is harsh:  being an abused, confused, or suffering child and having the adults in your life not be sure what all the fuss is about.  


SpeakingTruth In reply to Diane Logan.

“All that is being proposed, as I read the document, is that if parents ask to enroll a transgendered student in the school that there is a process in place to determine whether or not the school can accommodate the child. In most dioceses, that accommodation amounts to the child using the faculty restroom. If the family objects, then they will need to find a different school for their child. Not sure what all of the fuss is about here.”

This blog in reply to SpeakingTruth.

Remember the time that there was a huge scandal in the Catholic Church, priests sexually abusing children and teenage boys? That just happened. Should schools be sending kids who are exploring their sex and/or sexuality into the faculty bathroom?

A comment from that sums up what parents may have to deal with:    Mary Emanuel ·

“A 3rd grader at my son’s catholic school “came out” as transgender a year ago. You can’t believe the chaos and problems it created. It’s a long story that probably needs to be shared because the scandal was horrendous and the children were hurt most of all. Aside from the direct moral issues, one basic question we never got to ask, because these things are always top-down dictates with no questioning allowed, was how can the school teach language any more? What about school dances? It was a nightmare. The school basically asked the parents and kids to lie to each other and you better believe there were threats issued to the kids who didn’t go along with the authorities. It was a complete inversion and transvaluation of of all values. Several families pulled their kids out of the school. It makes my blood [boil] still thinking about it even though we are gone.”

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