Drag Queens in the Parish Hall? That’ll make you a trusted source for the Jefferson City Diocese.

    This is not a fake story from The Onion, it really is happening in Central Missouri.  Now to be clear this blog isn’t here to attack or even comment on drag queens doing drag queen things in drag queen places, or in most places.  The Church may, we leave that to the Church.  But it’s apparently not enough for some drag queens that they drag at drag queen places and Catholics be Catholic at Catholic places.
     In the Diocesan document, several of the resources are directly and indirectly related to a group called CALGM (Catholic Association for Gay and Lesbian Ministry) based in Berkeley, California.  This group refused to sign an oath of personal integrity to Catholic teaching by their local bishop. Below is a quote in support of the group; person quoted is the lead organizer for Marriage Equality in CA and a member of a parish that hosted drag shows in the parish hall.

“CALGM is a fine organization, one that has helped many people and represents the future of the Church,” said Eugene McMullan, a parishioner at Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, and the lead organizer of Catholics for Marriage Equality in California.



Drag Queens Prohibited at Most Holy Redeemer parish [same parish as above] 

“In what appears to be the new San Francisco archbishop’s first intervention at the city’s gay-friendly Most Holy Redeemer parish, drag queens will no longer be allowed to be part of a neighborhood organization’s fundraising dinner which has been held in the parish hall for several years.”

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