Big City Operatives push their heretical agenda, parents pay their salaries.

    Updated:  Members of Call To Action are automatically excommunicated in the Lincoln Nebraska Diocese

The writers of the Diocesan Transgender Student Policy were recently hired from cities including Denver and Chicago.  Similar to “Community Organizers.”  Their entire salary is paid by local donations yet they have come in to make decisions about local schools without informing the parents.  They’re telling the locals how it’s going to be.  If you are a known donor to the Diocese these are the people you are associated with.  Read below the public statement of John Delaporte

    “It was difficult to [find a faith community] namely because young adults who are enthusiastic about their faith are kind of hard to come by these days and typically the ones who are enthusiastic and want to do something extra tend to be more conservative and traditional in their approach,” he says. “They want to talk about Eucharistic adoration or go over the pope’s latest encyclicals, and that’s all very important, but for myself I was seeking that balance between spirituality and social justice.”

DeLaporte was grateful to find that in NextGeneration, “an inclusive community of reform-minded Catholics in our 20s and 30s,” according to the website, sponsored by the Chicago-based movement Call To Action. He had learned about the group after attending a Call To Action conference. Later, when he was preparing to move to Chicago, he emailed the NextGen coordinator.

If a person is a member of Call To Action in the Lincoln, Nebraska they are automatically excommunicated.

What is call to action, besides a revolutionary organization?  It’s ridiculous.  Just for fun  see for yourself

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