The Diocese responds, permits transgender children, Arkansas Diocese does the opposite.

If you write the staff or the Bishop of our Diocese this is the answer you get, regardless of what you ask or say:

Letter From Diocese Redact_2

In brief it states that Bishop Gaydos approves of this process, that they all claim to agree with and defend Church teaching, and yet he and his staff will permit the priests to admit a transgender child into a Catholic School if they wish.  Given the history of the priesthood in the last 20 years it’s hard to believe that they will all refuse to do so.  It is astounding that the Bishop should sit back and refuse to take a stand on something that has a profound impact on children.  Keep in mind that this blog is not arguing about what adults do, what people do in public schools, or what families do in their own homes but rather what happens in Catholic Schools paid for by the parents of the children in the schools.  If the Catholic schools are going to violate Church teaching and are going to effectively be like public schools then there is no point in paying for a Catholic school.  Everyone is going to face these issues as an adult but many parents wish their children to experience the innocence of childhood and pay Catholic schools to provide a Catholic environment.

On the other hand, just south of here, Arkansas has taken the complete opposite approach:

Arkansas Catholic Schools Quash LGBT Agenda

One thought on “The Diocese responds, permits transgender children, Arkansas Diocese does the opposite.

  1. This is deeply disturbing! I pray Bishop Gaydos does not allow this terrible policy into the Jefferson City Catholic schools!!


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