Form letters from the Diocese, and heretical document sources

The form letter sent to those who complained about the Diocesan process states, “We wish to assure you that we are in agreement with and defend the Church’s moral teachings on gender and human sexuality.”

However, more than half of the “Books and Articles on Pastoral Application for Parishes and Catholic Schools” in the Resources section are written by groups/individuals who dissent from the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Author of Resource What the author has said
Michael J. Bayly ·         Runs the Blog, “The Wild Reed:

Thoughts & interests of a queer seeker of the Divine Presence; of a “soul dancer,” seeking to embody with grace and verve the mystico-prophetic spiritual tradition.”


·         “I established The Wild Reed in 2006 as a sign of solidarity with all who are dedicated to living lives of integrity – though, in particular, with gay people seeking to be true to both the gift of their sexuality and their Catholic faith.”

·         Helped found the CCCR organization which said, “The populace increasingly takes issue with the Church’s traditional understanding of natural law: “The Catholic Church’s position is based on centuries’ worth of reckoning with natural law . . . However, our knowledge of biology has changed over time, and if homosexuality is increasingly understood as ‘natural’ for a segment of the population, then this could, in theory, change the Church’s reading of natural law”

Christina Billups On p. 44 of the resource cited, she says:

“The multifaceted aspects of education should include breaking the silence about homosexual and bisexual people. All God’s children are called to treasure their sexuality as part of what makes them whole.”

Arthur David Canales In the resource cited, he says:

·         “Catholic LGBTQ youth need a place in the church where they can be accepted, their gifts empowered, their faith and spirituality nurtured, and their sexuality supported.”

·         “…and (3) revisionist/progressive, who are those theologians who openly challenge the magisterial teaching on LGBTQ persons.[6] Perhaps a revisionist perspective is needed concerning this delicate issue, in order to allow an open-minded approach toward LGBTQ youth.”

·         “A Catholic revisionist/progressive view of sex before or outside of marriage would maintain that sexual encounters cause no unjust harm, involve free consent, mutuality of sexual desire, and equality of personhood, power, and status.[28]



Mary Ellen and Casey Lopata

Founders of Fortunate Families (which is also listed as a resource)

·         Fortunate Families supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.

·         In the newsletter, Voices for Justice, founders Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata wrote an open letter to Pope Francis affirming support for active homosexuality:  “We don’t believe God would create humankind with a range of sexual orientations yet forbid a segment to physically express their love in relationships in ways natural to their given orientations.”

Michael Maher, Jr. ·         “When Maher was asked what determines if something is morally right or wrong, he indicated it was the person’s conscience, which he called the “dialogue between the world around us and God.”


·         “When asked about the possibility of women priests or even transgender priests one day, Maher approved both possibilities.”


James A. Shexnayder, key founder and former resource director of CALGM (Catholic Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministries, also a resource listed) ·         CALGM board members refused to sign an “oath of personal integrity” to Catholic teaching in 2012.

·         The current resource director of CALGM,  ” denounced the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, saying the Catechism’s language on the issue is “abusive” and ‘gravely evil.’”

·         “CALGM, formerly known as the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries (NACDLGM), has earned a reputation for pushing acceptance of homosexuality as an identity and opposing Catholic ministry to help individuals overcome homosexual attractions.”

Maurice Shinnick The description given of his book, This Remarkable Gift—Being Gay and Catholic (the source cited), says,”Maurice Shinnick argues that homosexuality should be seen as a gift from God, rather than a curse.  He shows how attitudes to homosexuality have developed in different Christian denominations around the world and offers a careful re-reading of Catholic teaching.”

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