Transgender questions for Bishop Gaydos and Fr. Joe Corel.


The Bishop and the two nuns who created this revolutionary process went to school decades ago.  They did not grow up bearing the brunt of the sexual revolution and have neither lived marriage nor raised children.  They did not cope with internet pornography as kids, it is unlikely that they had any transgender kids in their school.  But they would use their absolute authority to bring social chaos to local Catholic schools and they have so far been indifferent to the concerns of parents.  The talking points they have given priests imply that in this “mostly rural Diocese” the transgender issue just won’t come up, so don’t worry about it.  Yet we have been informed several times that there was a transgender 8th grade student at St. Peter’s Grade School in Jefferson City and that the student is going to attend Helias Catholic High School.  We plan to add to this list over time, here are some questions they refuse to answer:

Even if it happens in only 1 out of our 40 schools may a pastor of the Diocese of Jefferson City MO admit to his school a first grade girl who dresses, acts, and identifies as a boy?

If so does that child have to cease behaving in that way?

If not then if other children refuse to refer to the girl as a boy will they be reprimanded?

Later on if the child begins hormone therapy to delay puberty may or should school staff comment on that process?  May they try to discourage parents from committing what some feminists call “a criminal violation of human rights?”

Do you think it is morally permissible for a parent to give hormones to a 7 year old child that lead to sterilization?

Would you allow your priests and school staff to remain silent while a child was sterilized?  If you didn’t allow it how would you logically reconcile that with other priests admitting such children to their school?

At the proper age may a girl who identifies as a boy become an altar server?  If a pastor admits that child to the school what reasoning would he use to deny the child the opportunity to serve at the altar?

May the same person as an adult become a communion minister, or deacon, or priest?

May a man become a deacon if married to a man who identifies as a woman?

If a priest may admit a transgender child as the opposite sex then what reasoning will you use to deny the girl-now-boy access to the seminary?

If you do deny access to the altar or seminary are you not stating that the person really isn’t the sex with which they identify?

If you deny their identification in that situation wouldn’t it be a lie to go along with the transgender identity in other situations?

Is it alright for a Catholic to lie?

Think about the progression of LGBT publicity and issues over the last 10 years, do you really think the Diocese will magically avoid facing these questions in every school for the indefinite future as your priest talking point imply?  Are you living in 1955?

See below,


“May I now become a communion minister or Deacon? If not then why?”


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