IOU’s for the Diocese. Clip the coupons, go ahead, do it.

Here are printable IOU coupons that you can drop in the collection plate on Sunday.  The message is that we aren’t leaving the Church but rather our leaders have left us and when they return to reality the money will be there waiting.  They have to learn to stop allowing or covering up child abuse.  If this causes your local parish distress, and that would take some time anyway,  then at that time you could use your money to pay the utilities directly or pay your priest’s bills directly.  His boss has financial control over him but you have financial control over his boss.  We have all the power we need to do good, it just takes a couple dozen good and courageous people in each parish.  The priests need a little encouragement to overcome their fear.  They need your correction and also support to do their part to end abuse.  IOU’s for transparency.

Coupons JPEG

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