The trouble with lies and coverups, or the Bishop’s $25 Million question.

The trouble with lies is that they breed BIGGER lies and BIGGER lies are harder to control than little lies.  A transcript of the presentation to priests of the 17 page transgender revolutionary process is almost finished.  We will soon publish it in full.  Keep in mind that this Diocese was the center of the clerical child abuse scandal and that according to investigators 80 percent of cases involving sexual abuse by clergymen reported in the U.S.A. were cases of ephebophilia, which is a perversion consisting in adult homosexual men being attracted not to children, but to pubescent and adolescent boys.  This not to slander all priests or all Gay men, in fact even the Church’s most gay friendly order, the Jesuits,  were only considered to be 30% homosexual.  Rather recent history shows that if a Bishop, priests, and nuns start a process that allows individual priests to determine what happens to LGBT children, transgender children, or the children of LGBT couples then maybe some red flags should go up and transparency should be demanded.   We say this to all parents and children of every state in life.  Pause to think about what is happening even if you think this process advances your agenda.  Children are at the mercy of adults in many ways, think back to times you were at the mercy of adult decisions or exposed to things that were unjust and how you would have chosen differently had you been an adult.  This is about leaders making decisions about innocent and powerless little people, about leaders making those decisions without the input of those who have actually lived with and raised innocent little people.

Sister Julie, Sister Elizabeth, Millie Aulbur, John DeLaporte, and Nancy Hoey don’t have to face congregations of parents.  They can hide out in their offices refusing to answer phone calls or return voicemails.  But Fr. Joe Corel, Monsignor Macarawicz, and Father Joshua Duncan have had to confront Catholic School parents.  This message is for everyone who has spoken to or will speak to these priests.  The transcript will show that Fr. Joe Corel was very enthusiastic in his support for the “process” and we have no reason to doubt him after he threatened Fr. Frank, something Fr. Corel has never publicly denied.  But Monsignor Macarawicz and Father Joshua Duncan were invited to the “summit” by Fr. Joe Corel and according to Sister Julie Brandt they were at several meetings last fall: “I think everyone said yes to your invitation.”  Both signed off on the 17 page document and neither has publicly denied attending or signing.  If these two priests tell you anything other than that they attended the summit meetings and then signed off on the document then they are implying that Sister Julie is telling a BIG lie and slandering two priests in the process.  If they tell you that they attended no meetings and had no input on the document then they are telling you that they know Sister Julie lied about them and yet they choose to say nothing.  So which one is it gentlemen?  Is she telling the truth about your support for the enrollment of transgender students or are you hiding the truth about her lie?  After all the child abuse that was covered up in this Diocese for decades it’s time for transparency and a little bit of spine.  You chose a vocation that puts you in contact with children and causes you to hear their confessions, you must live the higher standard you preach to them no matter how terrified you are of your boss.  We reason, taking your professed religion to it’s logical conclusion and watching you make the sign of the cross at mass, a sign of a torturous instrument of suffering, that since you signed off on this document it’s going to either be your emotional suffering in telling the truth now or the suffering of the children affected now and yours in the afterlife you profess to believe in.  Own the religion that demands its adherents work hard to pay your salary.

A good question for Sister Julie is, when exactly were these meetings?  Or, where did they take place?  On what dates?  What times?  Who was present at each meeting?  Who has the minutes?  Certainly you kept minutes on meetings about something that could affect thousands of local school children, right?  Something that some feminists consider criminalSomething that the American College of Pediatricians considers to be child abuse.   As a reminder, the people who pay your salary may wish to know before donating again.

Here is the full quote from the meeting:

“Sister Julie:  One of the things within that document that really encouraged dioceses to do was to hold a summit to have a conversation at an upper level to talk about this issue and these concerns and so Father Joe sent an email to many of us and said you’re invited to this summit. We need your service on this ad hoc committee and the people that were invited to that particular meeting– I think everyone said yes to your invitation. Millie Aulbur who is the chair of our diocesan education council.  She also is a lawyer here in town and has been a teacher as well, myself and Sister Elizabeth representing the Catholic school office, John DeLaporte with Youth ministry, Father Josh Duncan was invited as he’s an associate pastor here at Cathedral. He was invited because of his most recent theology training that addressed some of these issues and then also Nancy Hoey who is here up front with us and Nancy is a licensed practical counselor with Grace counseling and she serves as an advisor consultant for our Catholic schools and for the diocese in many ways.  And Monsignor Macarawicz was also invited to be a part of this committee because of his specialization in moral theology. And so that was the group that came together.  We had several meetings throughout this Fall looking at these issues.”

On a lighter note,  we are supposed to believe Sister Julie who told KRCG 13 that “the chancery office has received less than 25 letters and no more than 40 phone calls from people expressing concern about the guidelines.”  Yet somehow around the same time on a workday in the middle of the week, just feet from her office,  “On June 13, 120 people gathered outside the chancery office in Jefferson City to pray the rosary for the guidelines to be rescinded.”  Maybe she means that out of 400 voicemails she returned 40 phone calls.  1 out of 10, are we becoming too optimistic in this post?  What are the odds of that!  Readers from the mostly rural and blue collar Diocese of Jefferson City surely think about their experience contacting these people when contemplating a donation to the Diocese.  Sister Julie, you were speaking to all of the people who contacted you, making your sales pitch for school enrollment and the October capital campaign.  The $25 million question for you and Bishop Gaydos is, have you both told the truth to your supporters?  

Smile, the World is watching you.

Gaydos Big Smile





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