Seminarians in a mostly rural Diocese? It’s possible. They’re out there.

Lincoln Seminarians

Do you think the blog has been harsh towards the Bishop and his staff?  How few seminarians and how many closed parishes would warrant a red alert?  Lincoln is truly a “mostly rural” Diocese and it has 42 seminarians.  That is 14 times as many as Jefferson City had over the summer.  As you can see, it is possible for our rural parishes to have priests of their own and for urban parishes to have multiple priests.  Regardless of the reasons our leaders give for handling seminarians the way they do the result ends up being hard on the lay people and the few priests left in regular parishes.  You’ve surely heard the homilies here haranguing the lay people for not giving the Church seminarians.  Who formed the lay people in this Diocese to do what they do, wasn’t it the clergy and the Bishop?  Nevertheless the people probably do raise priests but they probably don’t fit the mold the Diocese is looking for.  In that vein this blog post is very insightful about the differences in generational piety:

There aren’t Traditional Latin Masses to be found in this Diocese, maybe one somewhere, so you couldn’t say that we have a larger group of “Tradional” Catholics in the Diocese of Jefferson City.  However, those young enough to have been raised after the 60’s are of a different mold than the elderly revolutionaries at the Chancery.  And generally speaking the parents of school aged children are those younger Catholics.  Probably the best line in that post explaining why parents are so upset about the Bishop’s Process is this:

In a 2010 address, Archbishop Augustine DiNoia described the experiences of these young traditionalists. “My sense is that these twenty- and thirty-somethings have been radicalised by their experience … in a way that we were not.” After “God-knows-what kinds of personal and social experiences”, they have come to know “moral chaos, personally and socially, and they want no part of it”. A sense of narrow escape guides their vocations. “It is as if they had gone to the edge of an abyss and pulled back.”

We don’t need more chaos in our lives and we have no obligation to pay the Diocese to create it.  Would the last Jefferson City seminarian please turn out the lights for Fr. Joe Corel?

Joe Corel Picture

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