Bishop McKnight Speaks.

We hesitate to even associate his name with this blog and certainly no one has had a chance to meet him but Bishop Shawn McKnight gave a talk in 2015 entitled “On the Identity of the Deacon” that diagnoses what went wrong over the last 20 years in the Diocese of Jefferson City.  You can find the two part recording on Youtube.  It’s interesting material but the part most pertinent to the laity, especially in the Jefferson City Diocese,  begins around the 14:00 mark of the second video.

It’s worth listening all the way to the end.  Understand that his talk was not directed at any Bishop in particular, it just happens to have relevance here.  The Diocese of Jefferson City is a gem in many ways and it has a lot of talented and devoted priests and laity.  Just continuing to attend Mass and donate after the 2002 scandal is a sign of true devotion to the Church.  It’s been a really hard time for priests who are now guilty until proven innocent, and despised by a lot of the non-Christian population.  In Jefferson City alone there are three parishes with perpetual Eucharistic adoration and there has been perpetual adoration for decades in at least one parish in the Diocese, namely the Cathedral itself.  Keep in mind that the Archdiocese of Boston with it’s 4,147,275 people and 1,949,219 (47%) Catholic population just brought back perpetual adoration in 2012 for the first time in 40 years.  We have people willing to donate millions of dollars at a time to support Catholic schools and local parish initiatives, and many volunteers at every parish.  The laity have various charisms but this Diocese had the ability to stifle the best of them.  The way that process worked was for the Bishop or more likely a Chancery official to give permission (often where permission wasn’t even needed) for some lay initiative but in a way that would make it impossible to accomplish or too distant for more than a few to profit from.  In the end the arrogance that these petty intrigues bred led to the eruption of the Process we’ve been chronicling.  A Process that was disliked by parents, professors, pastors, LGBT groups, principals, a lot of national Catholic media outlets, and probably the Vatican itself since Bishop Gaydos has to administer the Diocese until February 6th only as an administrator.  His authority as Bishop has been removed.  If you didn’t have the correct agenda here then your concerns didn’t matter to the Chancery.  What that agenda actually was has yet to be revealed because they couldn’t openly contradict Church teaching but the Transgender Process is a good clue.  With that we leave you with the balanced comments of Bishop Shawn McKnight:

14:00  “They saw his vision, liked his vision, chose to follow him . . . .rather than forcing people to do what they don’t want to do”

“Charism . . . endowed with the power to do something”    (The Holy Spirit gives the lay people power to do things.)

“Not even a Bishop gets to determine who has what charism, that comes from God.”

(Stifling those charisms hurts the Church)

18:00 “What is under the aegis of the priest/pastor. . .the Bishop. . .is how to get them to work together, that’s what creates the power of the Church.”

(NOT stifling the Holy Spirit by suppressing these charisms because they don’t fit a certain agenda.)

24:50 “A Person raising a family is feeling more and more disenfranchised, separated from those who have power and authority.”   (In this Diocese disenfranchisement grew and then finally fully ripened in the Transgender Process)

28:00  “Not only are Bishops to be informed what are the real needs of the people . . . are you even aware?. . .But also to show their concern.”  (Worse than that is being fully aware and purposely denying them their rights and needs.)

“The Laity have the right and sometimes the duty to make known their opinion on matters which concern the good of the Church”    (Something impossible to do here until the internet age)

 “They have a right to be heard, not to make decisions. . .(this) should be done with respect for the truth.” (True dialogue)

“Some want to run all the way to the left and create a Democratic Church.”  (We just want the Bishop to adhere to the Magisterium and not contradict the truth)

Hopefully we can leave these things in the past and move on.  In conclusion we ask you to pray for our priests who are closer to the sadness of the Church than anyone.  Remember that they have had to do a lot of this dirty work for two decades which is why they take their first parish assignment with an enthusiasm which quickly fades as they feel the pressure to conform to the system, all the while their own charisms are stifled.  If they were to buck the system they would lose the equivalent of their job and their family.  Or on the other hand some are left to their own personal temptations with no fatherly encouragement.  In any family the sons will practice any vice the father practices, condones, or encourages.  Who’s at fault in that situation?   Meanwhile they represent a Church that uncomfortably contradicts the increasingly hostile culture of death.  They either contradict the Church or the culture of death and neither is easy for a soul.  They all deserve a good spiritual father and a lot of prayers.


New Bishop named for Jefferson City Diocese.

Wichita Priest Named Bishop for Jefferson City Diocese

For once we send you to the Diocesan website for more information on Bishop McKnight

Notice at the bottom of the Diocesan article this little snippet:  “The Diocese of Jefferson City comprises 22,127 square miles. It has a total population of 920,234 people of which 81,958 or 11 percent, are Catholic.”  It used to be higher than 11 percent if it’s even that high now, possibly double that.  Lets pray things head back in that direction.

Fr. McKnight makes his statement here.  Here are some relevant parts of the statement, highlights are ours:

“I am especially keen to learn how we are evangelizing those in our community, especially the youth, and how we are promotinga culture of vocations among them.  I anticipate that there will be opportunities for me to hear from the priests, deacons, religious and laity about your hopes and aspirations for our church.”

       We hope so.  Ask the laity the state of things here, there has been little or no dialogue with them up to this point.  Parents hope and aspire to raise Catholic children and avoid the destruction this culture wreaks upon so many young people, wishing for the clergy to at minimum leave them alone, administer sacraments, and not make things harder. 

“I can look back now and recognize more clearly how important my
social environment enabled me to hear the call to the ministerial
priesthood, and how it empowered me to respond in faith.”
      We think Catholic School social environment is very important, and that it’s under attack.  After February 6th our new Bishop will have a chance to interview his potential staff and then make decisions confirming how important that social environment really is to him.
    Here are some good goals in the statement:
“-To foster a healthy, unified and resilient presbyterate for a flourishing, united and resilient church.”
      The lay parents and some of the Chancery staff and clergy aren’t unified on a major moral issue.  A Bishop can’t leave the staff and conditions as they are and achieve this goal.   
“-To prioritize the pastoral care of the family.”
      The LGBT/Transgender process disrupts Catholic families. 
 “-To have a passion for evangelization, especially of our youth.”
     We need God’s help accomplishing this.  One could start by administering the sacrament of Confirmation before the age of puberty.  The almost complete absence of Junior High and High School children from Sunday Masses and the confession line is a clue that their faith becomes shaky early.  If the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit can’t help this problem then preaching to them won’t either.  The world usually has more appealing preaching, ask anyone who’s been on Facebook or been to a rave or a rock concert.  We’d remind every parent that even most Catholic school kids are absent from Sunday Mass and that NORMAL for kids now is to not mention God.  Denying him is celebrated in this culture.  And unfortunately for parents in an anti-God culture by nature it’s very difficult to overcome a person’s need to conform to the group. 
 “-To take seriously the moral commitment the bishops of the United States
have made in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.”
  The Transgender agenda is the opposite of protecting children and young people from abuse.
“I hope and pray that in being a bishop for you, you may tangibly see my personal
faith and love for Christ, and for you
his people.”
     We pray this includes the lay parents and children because they are God’s people too.  
“I ask for your prayers for me and Bishop Gaydos in this time of transition between now and my ordination and installation on February 6th in St. Joseph Cathedral.”
     We all should add this man to a daily Rosary, along with all the Clergy of the Diocese.  Transfer of power can be a stressful time for hierarchical organizations, like a legal discovery process for the first time in 20 years.  People have to explain their actions and also decide whether to take a risk and try to hide things or to reveal them.   That is before the question becomes: what did you know and when did you know it?  


St. Joseph Cathedral School Handbook: A reference manual for principals and school board members.

St. Joseph Cathedral School Parent and Student Handbook

For reference you can turn to this handbook in crafting a policy in your school, key points are made on Page 65:

Students may not advocate, celebrate, or express same-sex attraction in such a way as to
cause confusion or distraction in the context of Catholic school classes, activities, or
All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their
biological gender.


Helias President Fr. Stephen Jones takes a defiant stand against. . . . whistleblowers and pen names.

Being a cleric or employee under the influence of our Bishop must have a distorting affect on the mind because these men can’t stop running into the buzz saw of social media for all the wrong reasons.  Social media commentary doesn’t seem to add to the dignity of the priesthood at all.  Keep in mind when you read this that there are many things posted on Facebook daily that you may ignore but when public figures with authority over your children make comments about school policy regarding sex, gender, bullying, and abuse then every parent is on a need to know basis.  Leaders who try to hide these things deserve to be pilloried.  Sadly Fr. Stephen Jones recently stepped into the line of fire.

Fr. Jones is the President of Helias Catholic High School in Jefferson City, MO. His position makes him a mandatory reporter of child abuse and the priestly office the Church gave him requires him to protect the souls of the children in his care from child abuse.  One would think then that he would also inform his staff and parents about potential physical and spiritual threats to the students.  Not so, and he’s defiantly proud of it (The bold highlighting is ours):

Stephen Jones

From time to time I receive “anonymous” letter in my role as president of Helias Catholic. Today, I received one such letter with a return address which read “A Concerned Parent/Diocese of Jefferson City” (as did the president, vp, and treasurer of our Advisory Council). When I read the letter, I agreed with the content 100%but I threw it (and those addressed to the others) straight in the trash. Why? Because I will not respond to or act on “anonymous” letters, even if I agree with the person(s). If you don’t have the gumption to put a name to your concern or complaint then I will not take it seriously. Put a name to it and we will talk, work together, and solve problems. Just sayin’

He’s referencing what we presume is a letter like this from “A Concerned Parent.” Here:  School Board Letter. Here’s what we can logically conclude from his comments:

1. He’s upset about the missing name on a letter recommending a policy that was issued in response to the Diocesan Transgender Process, a process that the Diocese and it’s priests didn’t think parents needed to know about.  Isn’t the pot calling the kettle black here?  Maybe the writer felt he didn’t need to know their name? Is that wrong?  If so is it then wrong of the Diocese to do the same?

2.  The letter asks him and the board to consider adopting a policy that he 100% agrees with so why does he need to talk to the writer, work with them, or solve problems with them?  You have the authority, whatever happened to just doing your job?  Take the time you waste on Facebook and have a meeting with your Advisory board about the policy you 100% agree with.  Or use Facebook to inform parents about the comings out at Helias that make this policy necessary. Helias parents and Jefferson City Facebook users have been treated to all sorts of revealing things about Helias students lately yet at the same time there was nothing to acknowledge those things from the leader of the school.

3.  If you have tried to Dialogue with the Bishop, the Chancery, your priest, or your principal then in most cases things probably didn’t go the way Fr. Jones said they would.  Did they talk to you, work with you, or solve problems with you?  No? Wait a second, did they refuse to speak with you about it?

4.  He threw away mail addressed to someone else, mail he agreed with, that was sent to his own Advisory Board members.  But then again they may not be on a need to know basis either.  The board may well remember how much Bishop Gaydos thought they needed to know when it came time to hire a new President at Helias.

5.  He either never learned or is willfully ignoring the purpose and hazards of being a whistle blower.  Even the secular government has laws protecting whistle blowers. Those laws tell you that a whistle blower might expect retribution.

6.  He didn’t learn American History before becoming President of a Catholic high school because “During the debates over the design and ratification of the United States Constitution, in 1787 and 1788, a large number of writers in the popular press used pseudonyms. This list shows some of the more important commentaries and the (known or presumed) authors responsible for them. Note: the identity of the person behind several of these pseudonyms is not known for certain.”  Hey, if those men didn’t have the gumption to put a name to their concern or complaint then maybe they shouldn’t have been taken any more seriously than King George took the Declaration of Independence.

7.  English class at Helias is devoid of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), Silence Dogood (Benjamin Franklin), and hundreds of other famous writers who didn’t have the gumption to use their own names. 

8.  He and his clerical supporters are confusing a pseudonym who wrote about publicly verifiable information with the concept of an anonymous and unverifiable accusation.  No, you shouldn’t make a major decision based on anonymous accusations that can only be confirmed by the anonymous writer.  Yes, you should make major decisions based on information from an anonymous whistle blower who reveals information that can be verified.  If you’ve verified the truth and you agree with it 100% then it’s time to act.  The children and parents aren’t guilty here, they need protection.  Instead though we get legalistic excuses for not taking action.

9.  Items 5, 6, and 7 are really just lighthearted logical conclusions one might draw but the true root of this outburst is there for all to see.  It’s the outward projection of internal guilt from the failure to have the gumption to accept the path to martyrdom and sign a name to a policy the Bishop would oppose.  And, make no mistake, he has no problem threatening these men as Fr. Frank found out.  These priests are paid by the Diocese and that money is the stick used to keep them in line.  They really wish to remain anonymous, to avoid speaking about this issue, and so they are angry at those who can remain anonymous while forcing them to face tough issues. They could hand off their cross to children if those pesky anonymous writers would leave things alone.  Their job is to embrace the cross but since many of the faithful received their greatest cross from the clergy it’s not surprising that as a group they’d receive a little push back from lay parents.  Our remaining priests are under a lot of pressure from their Bishop and also from our society and their own confused flocks.  Everyone should pray for them because, though it is their job to defend children, it is a very hard job and will make them unpopular with the outside world.  A Church that is in this much turmoil is also probably really short on prayers for it’s priests, so right when they need help the most that help is the least likely to be given.

Gentlemen it’s time to get off of Facebook and take a defiant moral stance on something that actually matters.  Help the parents carry the cross instead of adding weight to it.  Just sayin’

Here’s a snippet from an email forwarded to us that raises some interesting points:

“Another thing that I noticed is that they are publicly using the excuse that an anonymous letter will not receive due attention (even if the content is true and verifiable) simply because it is anonymous.  The irony is that personally signed letters that are true and verifiable also go unaddressed, they just don’t announce that publicly.  I have lots of proof of that.
The final comment I would like to make is that there is a very humorous trend that I have noticed in the institutional Church.  The word dialogue is used frequently and in almost every case it is in reference to reaching out towards those who disagree with the Church.  However, they never, and I mean never, dialogue with those that believe in the importance of Truth and fidelity.  Dialogue has become a clear indicator of an unfaithful cleric or Church leader that has sympathies for or is engaged in some form of heresy or infidelity.  What they are saying is that they want to engage in discussions on how to change, ignore, undermine or otherwise dismiss Truth.”

Catholic (Diocese) Stewardship Appeal. Don’t do it.

Read this again:   CSA Scripture Quotes

By now all Catholics in the Diocese have received a letter asking for donations to the Catholic Stewardship Appeal.  This is the main fundraiser for the Diocese.  No, not for the Diocese as in “everyone in the Diocese including school age parents.”  This money goes to the Chancery.  That letter quotes scripture implying that we Catholics are all one and need to share with each other.  “The community of believers was of one heart and one mind. . .they had everything in common.” (Acts 4:32)  But we’re not of one heart and one mind because the Chancery has a secret process that they feel parents don’t need to know about and they refuse to dialogue about it.  They have some skeletons in their closet that they feel the rest of us don’t need to know about.  The only thing they want to share is your money.  They remind us of that Apostle in the New Testament who kept the purse, wasn’t that Judas?

That is reason enough to refrain from giving this year but they double down and give you more.  Stewardship you say?  How’s that working out for you?

One thing they refuse to publish in their fundraising brochure is a statistic about how many priests and seminarians our Diocese has.  Even they admit things are dire.   Parish Bulletin announcement 10-27-17

CSA Media     “The CSA allows us to keep up with new ways people connect today.  We maintain a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and a redesigned website.  We are initiating twitter and Instagram accounts.  The Catholic Missourian will be getting an online edition.  Our Communications spread the Gospel and strengthen our One Family.

NONE of these media have been used to explain the Bishop’s new Transgender Process.  Since Fr. Joe Corel was so excited to roll out the new Transgender Process why hasn’t he used all these new media to actually, you know, roll it out?  So you’re left thinking that the Chancery and the Bishop don’t need $2,000,00 to show you what not to do.  Besides the fact that any 12 year old girl has most of these media accounts because they only require an internet connection, the Chancery is also either hiding things from the faithful or they are incompetent at using their media platforms.  We’ll go with hiding things for $2,000,000 Alex.

Finally, read this financial marvel:  CSA Pie Chart

“Mission Advancement”  Their evangelizing with media obviously doesn’t include their secret mission to advance the LGBT/Transgender agenda.

“Formation”  Look around your parish for any properly formed Catholic teenagers, Hispanic Catholics, or priestly vocations and you’ll see how effective $1,037,000 in shared wealth isn’t in this Diocese.

“Chancery Staff Services” You’ve already know how effective we feel these people have been, and sadly the revolutionaries up there detract from the ordinary staff who are probably stifled in doing their jobs.  Nevertheless more money won’t solve that problem any more than it has solved problems in the public schools.

“Outreach Services”   Assistance to parishes in need would be a good idea, although many wealthy parishes deposit money with the Diocese for the same purpose and the general understanding in the Diocese is that much of the money on deposit has been spent by the Chancery and cannot be returned to the parishes that deposited it.  Probably not spent on needy parishes either.  Sort of like an insolvent bank.

There’s no reason to donate to a spiritually, morally, and financially insolvent bureaucracy that keeps secrets about children from the very parents expected to fund the bureaucracy.  They won’t learn as long as you enable them so don’t do it. 

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