Abuser Bishops and Blackmail

This is an article about how abuser Bishops can use a priest’s personal file as blackmail to keep them from blowing the whistle.  It’s something to meditate on.  It explains how men close to the Bishop like personal secretaries, those who arrange his travel and itinerary, who arrange his meetings, and who hear things first hand can remain silent in the face of abuse and intimidation.  In reality just knowing that abuse has taken place and not reporting it for an extended period of time makes men complicit and is it’s own form of self blackmail.  It’s been 16 years since 2002 and the Church still doesn’t have a systematic way of rooting out abuse in the hierarchy.  It seems like the abusers will have to self destruct one by one and extend the humiliation of the Church indefinitely.  Maybe it would help if there was a #diojeffcityabuse movement or #churchabuse movement.


Speaking of Tampa Bay, that’s down near a favorite hangout of certain Bishops with certain proclivities.  It’s one of several places that, if a Bishop would frequent it, he would not want to publish his itinerary.  http://gawker.com/5825254/the-catholic-churchs-secret-gay-cabal

Remember the name of  “Fr Bernard Kirlin, whom a former pupil describes as an openly gay alcoholic.”


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