Fr. Frank threatened for publishing Bishop Gaydos’ Transgender Process.

Fr. Frank of the Jefferson City Diocese spoke to about the new Diocesan Transgender agenda and Process and how Fr. Joe Corel left him a threatening voicemail for publishing documentation concerning it.  We would like to publish Fr. Corel’s response to this charge should he give one.  If you are a local cleric or a member of the Chancery staff defending this process and reading this blog please note that there is a reason that the parents don’t trust your interpretation.  In fact there are many reasons that you’ve given them over the last 20 years.  You have neglected to consider the needs of your faithful.  You have absolute authority in almost every way over our local Church but not over the rights of parents to educate their children.  You have a major chink in your absolute authority which is that you are completely funded by the people you serve.  If everyone concerned about this issue would simply withhold their funds from all parishes and the Diocese for 6 months it would become clear that you must listen to the parents of the children you think you have authority over.  Save your tithe with the promise to donate it when the Chancery finally listens.  It’s hard enough to afford a family without paying for the Church authorities to undermine the schools.  To quote the article, it’s up to the lay people to help the Church be herself again:

Question: “Is there any message you want to give to the people who may be reading this?”

Answer:  “I mentioned before, it’s good that the lay people are getting involved because it is going to take the lay people. The priests, while they have some influence, they are still under ‘authority’ and, to a certain extent, we have to be covering them (the priests). “It will take the lay people to make changes, and that has been how it is throughout the history of the Church. When abuses in the long history of the Church have arisen, it has taken ordinary people to change things for the better –- because THEY are the Church.”



Question:  “…it sounds as if you would encourage more letters, more visits to the Diocese, more phone calls?”

Answer:  “Yes, I certainly would encourage that. If you sit back and do nothing, it gives the message ‘we have given up; we don’t have the control; we’re giving up because it’s just too hard.  What’s that quote from Edmund Burke? ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil – is for good men to do nothing.’ This has gone far beyond our Diocese. This issue is being spread and people now know about it – even in places like Texas.”

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