Why bother to donate?

This organization, Mass Resistance,  has had success resisting the sexual revolution in public schools.  If everyone does their part and keeps it up long enough our diocesan leaders will begin to pay attention to parents and children.  It’s easier for Catholics to resist leaders who ignore the rights of parents, just stop writing them checks for awhile.  They have no tax base, no IRS to back them up, and they can’t put a lien on your property.  All of their power is on a spiritual and moral level and it’s delegated from the Bishop, that’s why it is he that has the greater sin .  Even he has no authority to violate the teaching of the Church that gives him authority.  If his schools are going to violate the moral code that makes them different from public schools then all you are paying for is religious pageantry.  You can attend mass every day of the week without needing a Catholic school and then have the sexual revolution at public school for no extra charge.  This policy, or “process”,  is a slap in the face to generations of parents and parishioners in this Diocese who have spent millions building the Catholic school system and paying for their kids to attend it.




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